The First Tamil Encoding Specification Created Through Open Net Discussions
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Thamizh kuRiyIttuth Tharam
Welcome to TSCII web site. TSCII stands for Tamil Standard Code for Information Interchange. It was created by a group of Font developers, vendors, users, Tamil scholars and enthusiasts, through open net based discussion. Shortly after the First International Tamil Internet Conference in Singapore, the participants and several early internet users joined the mailing list called webmasters hosted by Bala Pillai's tamil.net. Starting in September 1997, the discussions converged on a set of specifications detailed at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/5180/tsic.html

The discussions are archived at http://www.infitt.org/tscii/archives/maillist.html

Organizers of this effort created a group called "Standards for Tamil Computing Group" that hosted the first TSCII site at http://www.tamil.net/tscii/ that remains the primary TSCII site even today.

The TSCII discussions eventually moved on to tscii@yahoogroups.com and continue the discussions even today. To subscribe to this discussion send an e-mail to tscii-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

The primary goal of STC is to develop and implement a character encoding standard for Tamil, named TSCII, that will work across all platforms with the existing software applications. The members also discuss the standardisation of keyboard input schemes, and transliteration schemes.
  • The core activities can be summarised as follows:
  • Defining an 8-bit bilingual character encoding scheme for Tamil (TSCII) that will work across all platforms with existing software applications.
  • Develop sorting and searching algorithms and implement them in different applications. Develop proof-of-concept applications in different platforms to aid software developers in implementing TSCII.
  • Develop public domain, open source migration tools that will help users migrate from an existing encoding to TSCII.
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